No Assholes, No Cops

Police departments are having trouble recruiting new cops. There may be an explanation.

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  • It’s so reassuring to know that the (alleged) dwindling supply of assholes are civic-minded enough go into tech and politics where they can maximize the misery they need to inflict on others !

  • Did someone got a ticket lately? 🙂

    However, I do believe assholes should be regarded as natural resources and therefore considered by economists as being plentiful and having no value (Indeed, that’s how economics science works!).

    Regardless, in this day and age where havoc is expected to come soon (and last long), the average and the pragmatic ones could rightfully contemplate joining the cops.

    Pigs protect and serve (themselves!), conscription doesn’t threaten them, they rarely die on duty, and whichever side they start on, they always end on the winning one. For history shows that one of the first things winners look for are thugs, especially trained ones, to enforce the new order.

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