Paranoid but Fully Vaccinated

Many people are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 yet continue to act as though they need to stay inside and socially distance. This behavior is every bit as irrational and unscientific as the red state conservatives who refused to wear masks last year.

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  • Yes people can go out, but don’t ignore the plague completely. Even if you are fully vaccinated, you should do at least one of wear a mask, be outside, or stay 6 feet apart, if at all feasible.

  • OvidLaughing
    May 7, 2021 1:45 PM

    to me ,most people are waiting for the big fight wondering when and where it’ll start.

  • alex_the_tired
    May 7, 2021 10:16 PM

    The complete lack of science (meaning real, big-boy science, not the pap excreted by the mainstream media) on the issue is appalling. Look at the photo/video record of this pandemic. I think, maybe, 10% of the visuals show everyone wearing their masks correctly. If you take the mask off, you almost certainly are contaminating the interior of it in doing so. Would you peel a Band-Aid off someone and apply it to your own cut? But the media has done nothing to educate people about correct mask wearing protocols: You put the mask on, covering your nose and mouth — not under your nose, not under your chin — and you do not remove it until you are back home, at which point you discard the damned mask and get a new one. Everything else is like putting a condom on halfway through the sex act or taking a birth control pill on prime-numbered days only. I’m not kidding myself into thinking this is over. Not yet. Not even close.

  • That’s the lecture Rand Paul gave to Fauci, accusing him of Political Theater for wearing a mask at a public hearing, seemingly not aware that his own act of NOT wearing a mask is the long established political theater of the Trumpist kind.

    As long as people anywhere are being infected new variants are coming into existence potentially exposing people everywhere.

    Science will always be an ongoing science project, subject to empirical validation.

    Vietnam did TOTAL shutdowns allowing TOTAL opening up for 90 days and then for 89 days, while the lumbering giant was mired in its own human waste.

    It’s not surprising that the little-nation-that-could, one that defeated the world’s most powerful military, could also defeat the coronavirus.

  • One can find reasons to wear a mask and one can find reasons to not. The evidence is just not there for one being better than the other. And then make it a law. SO….which do YOU choose to find a reason for? What kind of a person do YOU choose to be?

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