Corporations that outsourced jobs from the U.S. to Mexico to China in search of low wage employees are now off to Cambodia. Where next?

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  • Lincoln observed that a nation cannot endure as half free and half slave.

    Slavery has been ostensibly eliminated within the borders of the US. But, with the collaboration of the US corporate principalities, slavery still operates to depress the wages of the free men within who must compete with slave laborers from without.

    The Civil War dynamic still obtains. The world cannot endure as half free and half slave. The USA must end its own collaboration with slave states and end its support for its slavery collaborationist corporations.

    White men in Free states had little concern for slaves; they would as soon lynch them as look at them. But they supported the Civil War because the absence of competition with slaves meant a better standard of living for them.

  • Caught the reference to the Nazi labor camp slogan, hilarious! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arbeit_macht_frei

  • Just keep busting those unions and it will remain time to party like it’s 1929 – or 1933….


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