Nothing like a Strong Message for the Midterms

Voters will be going to the polls for the midterm elections six months from now. Democratic politicians know that they face an uphill climb and are likely to lose both the House of Representatives and the Senate. Yet the party hasn’t managed to coalesce behind a clear message beyond not being Republicans.

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  • alex_the_tired
    May 18, 2022 7:58 AM

    Biden’s whole message in 2020 was that he wasn’t Trump. And that was all. Vote for Biden to stop Trump. Vote Blue No Matter Who (unless that blue was Bernie Sanders in which case you need to stop being stupid). No one voted for Biden for any Biden-affirming reason. Just to stop Trump.
    And Trump hasn’t been stopped. Mastriano will certify the 2024 results in Pennsylvania. You can bet dollars to donuts that he’ll certify Trump as the victor no matter what. Oz’s victory will help normalize sideshow-barker politician behavior (thanks Oprah, you scientifically clueless dupe. Give your astrologer a big hug from me).
    The Republicans, in the end, will show up and vote for Trump. Biden’s weakness and mundanity has deactivated a significant portion of the democratic base. “Hmm. Vote for the guy who lectures me about my student loans being my fault while telling me I should have waited tables during college to pay for courses so that he can manage to cost every other woman in the country access to abortion? Yeah … let’s see if there’s an episode of Star Trek on the TV before they shut off my electricity tomorrow while I’m being evicted for being too lazy and selfish to find a job in this economy.”

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