No Matter the Outrage, All It Calls for is a Strongly-Worded Letter

After Donald Trump race-baited four progressive freshman congressmen who happened to be women of color, mainstream Democrats responded with nothing stronger than a symbolic resolution. They should have refused to do business with Republicans until Donald Trump resigned.

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  • They should have refused to do business with Republicans until Donald Trump resigned.

    And therewith fall into the trap of being accused of responsibility for nothing being done by the US Congress ?…


  • alex_the_tired
    July 22, 2019 6:06 AM

    Trump didn’t race-bait four women of color. He race-baited four women of color who were criticizing his policies. But dig down further. What started this? Seriously, don’t continue reading until you spend a couple seconds rummaging around in your head trying to find that file. …

    This all started because the four women in question were criticizing Nancy Pelosi (that ineffective cadaverous toady) for not impeaching Trump over his behaviors at the U.S./Mexico border.

    I despise Pelosi’s incompetence and two-facedness. She’s the speaker because she’s what the democratic party has become. But not impeaching Trump is the only choice available politically. If Adolf Hitler said, “Don’t run into that burning building,” I’d agree with him. Pelosi won’t impeach Trump because it will just help him in the end.

    I dislike Trump. He’s a bully, and I don’t like bullies. But Trump has taken this whole thing–a debate about impeachment–and turned it into red meat for his base. And the dems fell for it. Again.

    The problem isn’t Trump. The problem is Pelosi. The problem is Schumer. The problem is Feinstein. It’s all the weak-ass dems who are the PR spokeswhores of the corporations.

    Kamala Harris, who prefers the innocent sit in jail because exculpatory evidence would be politically damaging to her (oh, but she’s a woman of color, so you’re a racist if criticize her).

    It’s Buttigieg, who went to war for Uncle Sugar and is now trying to parlay his complicity into political coin (oh, but he’s gay, so he can’t be bad. You must be a homophobe).

    And don’t forget Biden, who’d like nothing better (aside from grabbing a woman) than to help big business tighten the chains around your neck a little more.

    And let’s hear it for Yang, a prep school and Ivy Leaguer who became a lawyer and then a CEO for a test-prep company (the best way to keep poor people out of the best schools; help the rich game a couple hundred extra points out of the system by paying thousands for tutoring) that he sold for millions. Yang’s got the standard resume of a politician who ass-stabs the middle class and the poor, but his supporters make Manson’s supporters look like fair-weather friends who send a Christmas card once every three years.

    And the 15 or so also-rans who are in-it-to-(keep-Bernie-from-)win-it.

    If the job of the president is to assist the big money interests of this country in controlling everything while enslaving the middle class, then Donald J. Trump is the greatest president this nation has ever had. He’s better than Reagan. He’s better than either Bush. He’s even better than Hillary Clinton would have been (because sure as she loves to bathe in the blood that drips from the hands of Kissinger, her mentor, she would have gotten us into at least one war by now while gutting what little remains of the social safety net). Trump distracts almost everyone while bidness keeps going to the bank.

    • «Trump distracts almost everyone while bidness keeps going to the bank.» Sounds old fashioned ; here in Sweden people use a mobile service known as Swish…. 😉


    • All true – but it’s also true that the GOP is complicit (& the Justice Dept has been compromised)

      Remember when they used to believe in Law & Order? We’ve got Duh Donald on multiple crimes while in office, but they’ll just give him a free pass. Party solidarity is one thing, but letting criminals off scot free is an entirely different thing.

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