Newt Fights On

Newt Gingrich wins Georgia on Super Tuesday, persuading himself that his campaign for the GOP nomination remains viable. What, exactly, is he fighting for?

8 thoughts on “Newt Fights On

  1. Ted, I thought you were above attacking physical looks! You yourself said that it is absurd to attack what a person looks like and acts like on a personal level, when you have their policies to attack.

  2. Cacophobia, great!! But it’s not like everybody and his uncle didn’t already know he was going to get Georgia. It’s as far as the repelling creature will advance, though.

  3. I guess this is another symptom of the new corps are people Super-Pac corruption – with all that money behind them, they won’t stop when normally, they might have run out of funds to keep on lying and whining.

  4. On balance, Newt got off easy.

    For point of comparison, let’s consult the Ted Rall Hate Scale, i.e., Things That Ted Rall Hates The Most (1 = least hated, 10 = most hated):

    1. General stupidity
    2. Fluorescent bulbs
    3. Newt Gingrich
    4. Windows OS
    5. Breitbart’s rotting corpse
    6. Rush Limbaugh
    7. Murderers
    8. Rapists
    9. The Black Plague
    10. Ann Coulter

    (Okay, I don’t recall Ted ever writing about the Black Plague. As for murderers and rapists, that pretty much covers the Bush years — yes, and Obama too.)

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