Name the Kook

Two parties, two frontrunners, one a president, the other one a former president. Both at the same exact place in primary polls. Both face challengers. But only one gets taken seriously. Could the reason be media spin?

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  • alex_the_tired
    May 26, 2023 8:36 AM

    The media is trapped in the unenviable position of hating/loving Trump. They hate him, but they love the ratings he brings.

    However, if Trump has a blowout, there goes a big hunk of change. These hours-long nail-biter elections are a big influx of readers and clicks. And right now, Biden’s just about in a vertical free-fall. The debt ceiling? I think we’re already past the point of safe return on that. Even if it’s settled before I hit comment, the repercussions are starting. (I’m still betting for a late Sunday/early Monday “triumph”). And it’s simply one more stinkeroo failure by Biden/his team/the dnc. The ceiling, the laptop, the border, student loans, Clarence Thomas (yeah, him too), Afghanistan, tensions with China, Taiwan. Not all of these are Biden’s “fault” but this is what’s on his plate, and he isn’t clearing it away, he’s just shoving it all around.

    So, clearly, the media has to dismiss Biden’s challenger within his own party. I mean, who else do they have in the democratic party who hasn’t been chased away by the woke who actually has a chance in hell of winning?

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