Let’s Punish Our Diplomatic Partners by Inviting to Talk to us at a Crappy Venue

President Trump scuttled his peace summit after receiving criticism that inviting the Taliban to Camp David would be a “reward” for misbehavior. So how will we negotiate with adversaries in the future?

4 thoughts on “Let’s Punish Our Diplomatic Partners by Inviting to Talk to us at a Crappy Venue

  1. We elevated a rag-tag bunch of terrorists to world leaders when we declared the ‘war on terror’ [TM]

    If we’re gonna call ’em world leaders, we obviously have to treat them like world leaders.

    Fast forward to today, and we’re talking to the Taliban rather than the world leaders we appointed to run Afghanistan.

    What’s my point? I wish I knew.

  2. I’ve always wondered who is «legitimising» whom when leaders of other countries agree to meet with their US counterparts, despite knowing that any agreements reached with the latter have little chance of being carried out….


  3. Before you “liberate” a country you need to understand its history and culture

    The Taliban would offended by the woman at the register, her face is not covered and she has a job outside the home…time for them to walkout of the talks in disgust.

    Then all the signs are in English, another sign of disrespect

    Given the endless feuds that divided Afghanistan and the history of uniting to drive out foreigners regardless of the time and blood it takes to push them out doing more that sending in special force raids was so very very wrong

    Talks could held some far off the beaten path say Madagascar* but only after video conferences did most of the work. We will allowed to leave without too many roadside bombs if we stick to the time table. Our cut and run will pull the rug out from under the weak and corrupt central government and the Taliban will retake the capitol in a few years. Then tribal governments in the more remote areas will be essentially independent.
    We will get blowback for running but it will fade…could it be worse than the long festering wound of an occupation that isn’t getting positive results.More should been poured into rebuilding at the start; building things in small towns, like clean water, electricity, hospitals and roads…but so much went down the rat hole of corruption and the other hole of incomitance. Areas of life not ready for social change should left to locals to decide, like girls schools

    Neutral location meetings tend end up in some European country with very nice hotels and restaurants, for some reason. Ted was on roll with hard seats and a very short menu. Upping the game to a place and menu that both sides don’t really understand that would help. Steal an idea from the Vatican, lock both sides in a small building until you get a result .

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