President Obama says the NSA’s surveillance programs against American citizens are “transparent.” Indeed, there is a legal veneer — memos that validate them, secret courts that supervise them, a few Congressmen who are briefed — but true legality cannot be the result of secrecy. Welcome to the Age of Legalish.

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  • Do you want to know a secret?,
    Doo-wa doo,
    Do you promise not to tell?,
    Doo wa doo,
    While the last budget crisis cliff was 52 Billion dollars,
    The Immigration Bill is now over 30 Billion by itself,
    Doo-wa doo,
    If you’re a f%$#ing ret*&d,
    I’m in love with you!
    And our legislators will love you ,too!

  • Best ‘toon I’ve seen on this topic. In fact, it’s not even close. Thanks.

  • If you haven’t done anything wrong, Ted – not ever ever, like lying to your Mum about taking a cookie from the jar – you’ve nothing to worry about….


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