Kill the Human Race to Save It

After ISIS killed 13 US soldiers at the airport in Kabul, Joe Biden accidentally assassinated a US aid worker and his seven young children using a drone. Killing the wrong people isn’t an occasional but rather a systematic, routine feature of drone warfare.

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  • The 7 children were from multiple families, including children who came over to play. And two of the girls were just 2 years old.
    For 3 weeks, US media said the US military had taken out an ISIS-K terrorist and his cell, while non-US media said they’d killed an aid worker and a bunch of children. Rand Paul watches furren media, and asked rather pointed questions. Finally, after 3 weeks, the New York Times reported that the drone strike killed an aid worker and 7 children, and the US military were forced to confess that, while the best intelligence indicated they were taking out a terrorist carrying massive explosives, he turned out to be an aid worker carrying water canisters, and the drone strike on what intelligence indicated was the ISIS-K safe house killed him and a bunch of children, including two 2 year old girls.
    Got to stop those Senators from watching furren news.

  • I wonder what Mr., uh, Paul (forgive me, these foreign names are difficult) was doing watching foreign news reporting in the first place? He must be a commie.
    Back to Vermont, pinko.

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