Just What the Founders Had in Mind

How did we get here? Most Trump voters are voting against Biden and most Biden voters are voting against Trump. And this is the way it is in a lot of elections.

6 thoughts on “Just What the Founders Had in Mind

  1. Given the fractious bunch those so-called «founding fathers» were, one can’t but wonder if that’s not precisely what they – in particular wilely old Benjamin Franklin – had in mind….


  2. How about a system where every adult who turns 18 is automatically listed on the polls? If you don’t support any candidate, you stay home, and your nonattendance counts as a “None of the Above” vote. If enough people don’t show up, the entire election is nullified (a president pro tem runs things until the midterm elections).

    While we’re at it? Let’s throw in something like a driver license test for voting. If you can’t answer basic questions about government, politics, economics, world affairs, etc., you have no more business wielding a ballot than a child does waving a loaded gun. Look at how feeble so many voters are. “I don’t understand my ballot. Wait, where’s my polling station? What day is the election? Who am I? Did I vote for Buchanan or Gore? Wait, why would I vote for Gore? Oh, right, his half-assed environmental plan that wasn’t going to work anyway but would allow all the Karens to think the problem had been dealt with. Just like, um, Biden’s half-assed plan that won’t do anything.”

  3. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything. It is enough that the people know there was an election.
    — Josef Stalin

    • Ted’s thesis here – and it would seem that most of us agree – is that Trump and Biden are equally bad, if in slightly different ways. If that, indeed, is the case, Andreas, what difference does it make who counts the votes ?…


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