Joe Biden Voters Enthusiastically Embrace the Death of Hope and Change

Boosted by name recognition and the support of mainstream media outlets, new Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is surging in the polls, largely at the expense of Bernie Sanders. Until now the party was dominated by progressive candidates and others mimicking progressive positions. Who are these people supporting this most boring and lackluster of men?

10 thoughts on “Joe Biden Voters Enthusiastically Embrace the Death of Hope and Change

  1. A brief comment on magic.
    Really good magicians never flub their tricks. But … really good magicians ALSO have backups on their routines. If the rabbit doesn’t come out of the hat, there’s a bit of misdirection, a little snappy patter, and it all looks like it was part of the act.
    The dems aren’t really good magicians. I don’t think they could pick their noses, let alone pick a card. All of Joe Biden’s “wave” so far seems to be smoke and mirrors with the MSM as the soccer moms cheering for the act because they don’t want to go to Chuck E. Cheese’s again. Recently, the MSM touted a survey of voters over the age of 49 that shows Biden with a “huge” lead. But hecklers in the audience called them out on that trick almost immediately.
    A really good magician would have refused to put the trick in his routine. “Nah, the kids know that one. They’ll pick me apart if I try it.”
    I give Biden a few more months at most before the flopsweat stage, the rotten tomatoes, and the giant shepherd’s crook drags him off the stage.

  2. Biden: inoffensive, no big scandals, plus name recognition. I suspect many are simply relieved. After a big night of nachos and wings, a breakfast of oatmeal sounds downright tempting.

  3. The Biden “surge” is non-existent. The CNN poll where he’s got 39% was a result of manipulation. If you read the fine print in the poll, they didn’t include any demographic contingent where they didn’t get at least 125 voters to respond. That includes ALL age groups 45 and under. Total coincidence I’m sure that that’s the demographic one Bernard L. Sanders polls best with. If you don’t believe me, check out journalist Jordan Chariton explaining it all or go look at the poll for yourself. Sorry to see Ted of all people fall for this. It should’ve been a clear red flag that Bernie somehow was polling 10-15 points less than in all the earlier polls.

    • I read it but even Bernie’s reps say the poll is not as inaccurate as Jordan says. I’m awaiting better numbers; obviously it’s hard to believe that Bernie’s numbers plunged that fast.

  4. Boring and lackluster I could stand; it’s creepy and downright evil that turns me off the guy. The only thing that still gives me a bit of hope is Biden’s talent for stepping on his own dick. Something like the “I have no empathy [for millenials]” moment but now people are really paying attention. There was a time long ago when I might have felt a little bad for him, like the ridiculous “plagiarism scandal” in 1987. But I know better now. I actually hope that when it happens, it is something colossally spectacular and humiliating.

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