Joe Biden is the New Hillary, But Even Less Likely to Beat Trump

The main appeal of Joe Biden’s candidacy for president is that he would supposedly be more electable than other Democratic presidential candidates. However, he is also the second coming of Hillary Clinton. She lost to Trump. But Biden, if anything, seems to have fewer advantages than she did.

10 thoughts on “Joe Biden is the New Hillary, But Even Less Likely to Beat Trump

  1. Jesus, Ted. This is Willie Horton/Dukakis in a tank devastating. I hope the Bernie people buy this one off you and turn it into a postcard to mail out for the primaries. And remind me to never piss you off.

      • On that, we are a pair. I can recall, vividly, instances of being wronged going back decades, and the anger can be just as fresh now as it was then. Never forget. Never forgive.
        On the plus side, I have to outlive all those bastards. One is 20 years younger than me. I’m hoping he dies in a car fire. I already know what I’ll put down in the condolence book…

  2. meh, I could vote for Biden where I couldn’t for Hillary. I’d def prefer a different choice, but if it’s Biden v Trump, I’ll do it. (Warren & Sanders are both coming up in the polls, while Uncle Joe is sinking. Mostly ‘cuz he opens his mouth)

      • “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy,” Biden said. “I mean, that’s a storybook, man.”

      • @A5 – absotootly Biden’s ridin’ on name recognition.

        Thankfully, there are many upcoming opportunities for him to open his mouth. (Approximately half the time it’s in order to remove his foot.) Unfortunately, he was in good form for the first part of last night’s debate, was hoping for more bumbling.

  3. I minght well consider voting for the Queen of Sheba – in a counterfactual (?) universe where I enjoyed the franchise and she was eligible for office – but I’ve not yet heard a word about her politics…. 😉


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