Joe Biden Articulates His Plan for the Coronavirus

Aside from not being Donald Trump, Joe Biden has a plan to combat the coronavirus: not be Donald Trump.

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  • Lovely, Ted!!!
    Actually here, JB is making a LOT more sense than usual.

  • alex_the_tired
    July 20, 2020 4:23 AM

    1. Two things. Joe, um, Biden is not Trump. The coronavirus, also, is not Trump.
    2. This morning’s New York Times’ top-left item:
    Europe Said It Was Pandemic-Ready. Pride Was Its Undoing.
    Blurb: The coronavirus exposed countries’ misplaced confidence in faulty models, vaunted health systems and their own wealth. Europe’s downfall presaged the chaos in the U.S. Now it is grappling with how a continent considered among the most advanced failed so miserably.
    3. — If MedicareForAll-vetoing Biden can run for president during a pandemic, my list of two items can be off by 50% — The number of new infections each day continues to drop. It peaked at the beginning of July.

    So, to recap: Trump did a lousy job on the coronavirus. JUST LIKE EUROPE. Even the people who were ready weren’t. When the dust settles, the reason the U.S. had a higher percentage of deaths will probably be shown to be our terrible healthcare system combined with how pre-sickly so many were due to lack of access to care. And Biden will veto Medicare4All. And that’s why we’re voting for him? Our coronavirus fatality rate is comparable to the number of people who die from smoking each day. Where is the hue and cry for the CEO of Marlboro to be arrested?

    I wonder what would happen to Team Biden is Trump put forward a bill for universal healthcare (no abortion or birth control, of course) as his October surprise?

    • Science is not omniscience.

      Don’t be disappointed in science for not being omniscient.

      God is not omniscient either despite the claims of its surrogates.

      Remember the first attempts at heavier-than-air flight were failures also.

      Also, take notice that the environmental disasters earthlings now face are also the consequence of science.

      But like it or not, science is the beast humanity now rides and falling off is not an option because all of the places once available for soft landings have been strip-mined by past science.

      Today’s solutions are tomorrow’s problems. The biggest problem is that the profit side of science does not recognize the loss side of science, that being the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

      Infections peaking:

    • “Our coronavirus fatality rate is comparable to the number of people who die from smoking each day. Where is the hue and cry for the CEO of Marlboro to be arrested?”

      Why would anyone still believe that the oligarchic corporatocracy’s (AKA, the government’s) function is to protect the demos? Why should they respond to “hue and cry” with other than their world’s-largest-prison-industrial-complex and militarized police remedies to keep the demos mutely compliant?

      Big tobacco lost in court and is obligated by law to compensate its victims.

      But they managed to negotiate that all compensation to their victims will be paid from future revenues, thus guaranteeing their future economic viability and profits.

      And no prison time for the oligarchs for lying to Congress, who recognize them as their masters.

      • Hi Glenn

        Not to strain a point too much but there can be no prison time unless and until there is a criminal/civil charge … of which there were none.

        I stopped voting for Wyden (D-Big Tobacco) at that point because the yellow stripe down his back was so unattractive.

  • As a certain Helmuth Karl Bernhard von Moltke pointed out,

    Kein Operationsplan reicht mit einiger Sicherheit über das erste Zusammentreffen mit der feindlichen Hauptmacht hinaus.

    Let Mr Biden keep his mask on….


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