“Jobbymoons” For The Rest of Us

According to the New York Times in one of its more elitist articles, Americans who can afford them are taking “culturally anointed vacations timed to big life events” like honeymoons, babymoons and now jobbymoons (trips between jobs). Now here’s some culturally anointed BS for the rest of us.

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  • American Teacher
    June 22, 2018 3:31 AM

    We would not have to take jobbymoons if there was not an endless supply of cheap labor, both illegal and legal, coming in from abroad.

    The left used to be against immigration for that very reason. Now, if you read interviews from Nancy Pelosi, Kristen Gillibrand, and Chris Murphy, they are for untrammeled immigration. These senators are whores for votes.

    Incidentally, that fellow on his collegeymoon, has been paying to educate illegals since he was born.

    God Bless ICE!

    • Says the guy who works backbreaking four-hour days nine months out of the year…

      • American Teacher
        June 22, 2018 5:10 PM

        If that.

        I realize that I have it good and am in complete sympathy with the men and women who are being displaced through these HB-1 visas, which Trump tried valiantly to have curtailed.

  • Just keep in mind, Ted, that «You don’t want to use travel as an escape between one job that you don’t like and the next job that you don’t like» and everything will be alright…. 😉


    • American Teacher
      June 22, 2018 3:48 AM

      Nobody likes to work, but we all need a check and were it not for mass immigration from the third world, our chances of earning a decent wage or salary would be better.

      That photo of the illegal toddler that Ted posted on his Twitter feed? She was never separated from her mother! She started to cry when the mother put her down so she could be searched!

      This Honduran woman tried to break into the U.S. in 2013. Her husband has criticized her for dragging the toddler across Central America and then rafting her across the Rio Grande. The woman wants to apply for asylum, but on what grounds? Not liking your own country is not a reason.

      The illegal woman also left her other three children behind! Why? Who does that? And why take the toddler out of all of them???

      But educating those kids, if the mother is granted asylum, will cost the U.S. taxpayer $44,000 a year, x12 is $500,000.

      That’s why American citizens cannot live decently in our own country!

      • > Not liking your own country is not a reason.

        Yeah, just because you might get killed or raped by the drug lords the US created, or the dictators the US propped up – that’s no reason to be such a big crybaby.

      • American Teacher
        June 22, 2018 5:14 PM

        Read the Daily Mail.

        The alien toddler, now gracing the cover of Time, has a mother who abandoned the rest of her family, three kids and a husband, to pay a smuggler $6000 to get across the border.

        She’s not fleeing any danger whatsoever. She’s a scam artist.

        That picture sure made a great photo, didn’t it?

      • Yep, it is a great picture. (You knew it was photoshopped, right?)

        But the backstory totally justifies locking up the 2300 kids.

  • alex_the_tired
    June 22, 2018 7:08 AM

    Two points, one minor, one not:

    1. The New York Times article was not so much “elitist” as it was “classist.” See, I can be elite in a positive way. “I want the best doctor.” “I want a well-prepared meal, not this reheated cheese-food slop.” and so forth. However, classism is rarely (if ever) a positive thing. “I’m Hillary Clinton and I am entitled to the finest health care, but you can make do with something we slapped together.” “I’m looking for a condo near the museums and restaurants and in a good school district and I can only spend about $800,000. Of course, my parents and my main life partner’s parents will chip in. What? Housing is too high? Don’t I know it! I was waiting by the mailbox for this month’s allowance to show up …”

    2. The collegeymoon? The main point of college now? Classism again. Look at the job listings. Even for things that are non-degree, the company wants a degree. Why? First, it cuts out the lowest section of the job pool. If you graduate from college, the likelihood (not a guarantee, but a likelihood) is that you can read for comprehension, write at length, do math at (at least) an algebra level, schedule your time, etc. Second, it cuts out more poor people (and you never want to give a poor person a job) because one of the most pernicious forms of discrimination we have in this country is against the poor. Third, if you hire a college graduate, you almost certainly have someone who is in debt and who needs to start paying it down, so that person will be quite unlikely to kick up any “union” fuss.

    • Ad your point 2), Alex : requiring job applicants to be degree holders even if the position in question hardly requires advanced knowledge or capabilities has the advantage of signaling to a prospective employers that almost all applicants possess the quality known in German as Sitzfleisch, i e, the ability to carry out uninteresting or meaningless tasks. Why take a chance ?…


      • American Teacher
        June 22, 2018 7:32 AM

        Employers require college degrees because life in general is so dumbed down, and a B.A. is maybe the equivalent of an 8th grade education.

        A B.A. also hopefully demonstrates a modicum of personal responsibility.

    • @Alex – I don’t like the word “elite” used to mean “wealthy,” either. Have you seen pics of Trump’s pad?

  • Last panel brings back painful memories. Replaced by three guys who cumulatively had 1/10 my experience.

    • American Teacher
      June 22, 2018 5:17 PM

      To add to the insult, did you have to train them as part of your severance?

      And were they FOREIGNERS?

      • Hell, I *hired* one of them, and yes – all of them were foreigners. (that would be “white” – real Americans are red)

      • American Teacher
        June 22, 2018 6:41 PM

        America was not a nation when the AmerIndian nomads were terrorizing each other across this continent.

        But I sure am sorry that you were displaced, which is probably a lot more than you’d ever feel for me.

        And on that note, I bring you glad tidings of great joy.

        There is plenty of room for you on the right. You don’t have to be an aging lefty hippie or, as Chris Matthews so aptly described himself, “an irrelevant white man.”

        You can find common ground with us, at least on economic issues.

        Let us break bread.

  • American Teacher
    June 22, 2018 7:19 PM

    Interesting that the photo that is supposed to capture the inhumanity of Trump’s policy turns out to be a photo of a scammer’s daughter.

    They all are scammers. They have been doing this con for fifty years and the left can’t stand it that someone is finally enforcing the law.

    Trump called them on it: “They may not have graduated from Wharton, but they know how to play the system.”

    Don’t you even know when you are being gamed?

    • > They all are scammers.

      Two words: Horse and Shit. The vast majority of them really are fleeing the hellhole *WE* made their country into. 2300 children in detention – are they all scammers too?

      The right cant stand the fact that we’re HELPING people, especially people who are very slightly different than us.

      Can you verify this ‘scammer’ thing anywhere other than Breitbarts or Faux News? She didn’t “abandon” her family, she took the baby and got the hell out with her husband’s backing. She subjected herself to danger in order to get her baby to safety. What kind of person would deny a two-year-old that safety? (I’ll give you a hint: not a Christian person)

      “And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.” – Matthew 25:40

      • American Teacher
        June 23, 2018 10:20 AM

        >the hellhole. Uh-uh. Following your twisted logic, other countries have managed to right themselves after being made into hellholes by the U.S., too: Germany, Japan, Italy, Korea. Yes, they’ve gotten American aid, but so has Central America and what have they accomplished?

        >2300 in detention. The children may not be scammers, but their parents certainly are. Read today’s Daily Mail to see the deportees returning home to their families.

        This particular Honduran scammer was deported in 2013 and has been criticized by her husband for paying a coyote $6000 to smuggle her to the U.S. and yes, she abandoned them! She left her three other kids behind, kids with no legal access to the U.S.

        >we’re helping people. Oh, you’re down at the border with Glenn Beck, passing out water and teddy bears? Your beloved Obama did the same thing as Trump, only on the dl.

        Jesus said, “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” Not MORE than yourself. And he did not say invite them home!

      • Still waiting for documentation on that whole scammer and kids thing. Argument by assertion doesn’t cut it.

        But let’s use your numbers. Let’s say the $6000 was the price for two. That’s a hell of a lot of money to get your hands on in Honduras. What would you do? Would you pack up and save your own hide? Wait until you scrimped together another $9000?

        Or would you tell your wife, “take the baby and RUN!” That’s what any decent, loving, FATHER would do.

        I’m afraid your analogy doesn’t cut it. We’re still sponsoring the drug lords and dictators, and doing far, far, less to help them to get back on their feet than we did for the Axis Powers.

        You want fewer immigrants? Fix the hellholes.

      • American Teacher
        June 23, 2018 10:52 AM

        You are quite the storyteller, but there is nothing in the father’s interview to suggest that is what happened. The father has a good job and by Honduran standards makes a good living in a coastal city. Mama and baby weren’t fleeing; mama wanted something better.

        People change their lives and then their hellholes change. The U.S. and Britain have been pouring money down sinkholes for years.

    • American Teacher
      June 23, 2018 3:27 AM

      This is neither the land nor the home of these alien kids. It is the home of American citizens who have been suffering a demographic invasion for the last fifty years, just as Sweden has been since the days of that traitor Olaf Palme.

      Those “jails” look quite nice. Schoolrooms, flat screen TVs, and kitchens churning out pizza and chocolate chip cookies. Must be nice after getting dragged across Central America by one’s parents, the real abusers in this case. And the majority of Americans agree with me. It’s our country!

  • Ted’s colleague, Andrew Marlton, seems to think it’s time to revive one of Jonathan Swift’s more famous suggestions. 2.0 ! 2.0 !…


    • American Teacher
      June 23, 2018 4:23 AM

      It is too bad that we do not have some deserted island off the coast of Texas where we can house the aliens.

      But they do look awfully well-fed for those fleeing poverty. No doubt they’d make a tasty meal.

  • Good to note that due diligence is being exercised not merely along the USA’s southern border, but also along its northern counterpart ; nothing, after all, is more important than keeping the country safe for trolls like the couple who have recently infested this forum…. 😉


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