It’s Time to Get Super Excited about… Joe Biden!

Even more remarkable than the coalescing of the Democratic establishment and his supporters behind former vice president Joe Biden is the complete lack of excitement surrounding a vote that feels like a duty.

2 thoughts on “It’s Time to Get Super Excited about… Joe Biden!

  1. Just so long as that dangerous «socialist» not to say communist, Bernard Sanders doesn’t get anywhere near the Oval Office, Ted. After all, were he to be elected, the recent «Corona» stockmarket fall woudl look like an ordinary day on Wall Street….


  2. If I were Joe Biden’s people, I’d be bailing ship right about … now.

    First, we’ve got a coronavirus-triggered health crisis that is going to be stymied by public reluctance to go to the doctor because it costs too damned much. At the debate on Sunday (and a lot more people are going to be watching now because, well, everything’s shut down), Sanders is going to ram that down Joe Biden’s throat, I hope.

    Second, the colleges are switching to online as a workaround for the epidemic. Imagine paying $25K for “college” and discovering that now you’re being given a University of Phoenix online equivalent (but still paying $25K). And keep in mind that, next year, the same thing could happen again. And tell me why Sanders’ idea about tuition-free college is stupid pie-in-the-sky impossible?

    Third, unless there are bodies rotting in the street, Trump will claim his response was perfect. The economic slowdown? He’ll blame it on the dems who deliberately overreacted because they knew it would hurt his presidency. But, as his perfect, beautiful response showed, nothing had to be shut down. Nothing at all.

    Sunday’s debate is Sanders’ last chance. Well, second-to-last. There’s a very small chance Biden will succumb to coronavirus or perhaps his early stage dementia will manifest so clearly before the convention that Sanders will become the only candidate who CAN be nominated without complete party fragmentation.

    But let’s face it: by the general, people are going to be mighty fed up. And Trump knows how to handle angry mobs. He’ll aim them at the Chinese, the Muslims, or the Chinese Muslims. He’ll say the msm is full of fake news (and on that one, well, I can’t say he’s lying). He’ll claim the economy is a result of the dems mismanaging the coronavirus, which wasn’t that big a deal anyway, and which Trump handled beautifully and perfectly.

    The Idiots Schumer and Pelosi will fumble off a fumble to fumbling Joe who’ll word salad it right into a second term for Trump. But please remember: wash your hands, and all of this–ALL of it–is the fault of a small number of dnc-approved centrist a-holes, and their greed, corruption, and vanity.

    But be respectful and polite and use your company manners and indoor voice at all times.

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