It’s My Party and I’ll Conflate If I Want To

Ever since Donald Trump became president, Democrats have taken to equating the fate of their own party to the fate of American democracy. In a two-party system, the logical conclusion is that this is profoundly undemocratic.

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  • As a very well off person, I approve this comic. I have come to believe that I am safer when we have a nice establishment Democrat as President, because the crazy-left gets very agitated and activated when a Republican is President. So here’s to you Joe Biden, keep that gravy train rolling!

  • Doubtless the rich are better off with maintaining the status quo, but everyone else would be better off without a duopoly that ranges from right to far right, refuses to have universal health care, justice is bought and paid for and taxation is for working stiffs, not the rich or corporate interests. Western Civilization might be something worth trying someday but western democracy certainly is something we should give a shot at and the current system of the wealthy owning the media, buying elections and putting all of us against each other is anything but.

  • Well, yeah. Over the years, I think I’ve been able to piece together how socialists think
    – There is clearly the capability for society to produce an abundance of goods such that absolutely zero people go without certain basic life things like food, shelter, healthcare, smartphones (oops, that last one snuck in there!)
    – We are so far down the path of NOT doing this, it is going to take an extraordinary and combined effort of basically everyone to buy in to the vision. Everyone who has a surplus needs to be willing to give it up for a greater good. If we have to force people, that’s OK, but it’d be better if everyone just got their heads right on this.
    How close am I?

  • Even where the Democrats are the “lesser of two evils,” that is a win for democracy only in the barest sense. For solid wins, we need a ranked-choice voting scheme that provides proportional representation.

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