It’s Different When Democrats Deport

In many respects, Joe Biden is continuing the Donald Trump immigration policies that he campaigned against. He is deporting more immigrants. He is even re-launching the previous administration’s “remain in Mexico” policy that exposes applicants for political asylum to retaliation by drug cartels.

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  • alex_the_tired
    November 3, 2021 12:32 PM

    It’s like Mad Libs, innit? “(Name of a president) left Gitmo open and tacitly authorized torture.” If you read out Biden or Obama’s name, you are soundly and roundly criticized by the virtue-signaling democrats. If you put in Bush or Trump’s name, everyone guffaws in rage-tinged agreement.
    Now Youngkin’s won Virginia. One more state where a single dead democrat senator means the majority flips. Assuming Manchin doesn’t just switch sides tomorrow. Biden’s done not one damned thing worth a damn. Trump’s still a free man (and we can all deduce the dems’ game plan by now: hope Trump just drops dead.) If the dem wins the New Jersey governor seat, the RepubliQAnons will use it as more proof of rigging (“At one point, before all the ‘votes’ were ‘counted’ the Republican was in the lead, then he wasn’t. I’m an expert on cloning, so I know the election was rigged!”)
    Honest to God, I think the only hope Biden has right now is to use executive privilege and wipe out all the student debt. I don’t think there’s any other big-ticket item he can cause to happen without Manchin’s approval. And I don’t think anything smaller than that will get him enough public support at this point. His presidency flatlined last night when the AP called the election in Virginia.

  • This cartoon tells why I voted for Howie Hawkins, a guy I know very little about.

    And why I will never vote for a Democrat or a Republican, both of which I know too much about.

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