Inspiring Indeed

Wealthy (clueless) Americans claim to approve of the liberation movements sweeping the Middle East. Are they high?

3 thoughts on “Inspiring Indeed

  1. How similar or different is what’s going on in Wisconsin to the air traffic controllers strike at the beginning of the Reagan administration? How different is the atmosphere of support/apathy/condemnation compared to back in 1981?

  2. But the situation for the so-called «middle class» in the USA has deteriorated so greatly in the United States that it seems to me unlikely that the events in Wisconsin will simply peter out like the air-controllers strike did 30 some years ago. It could go either way – a full-fledged fascist government without the thin veneer of democratic legality that yet remains, or a new FDR, who unlike Mr Obama is able to realise that the current course of affairs leads to disaster and the courage, which Mr Obama seems to lack, to fight to change it….


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