In Afghanistan, the Lesser of Two Evils Is Anything but

One year ago, the Trump administration signed a deal with the Taliban in Afghanistan in which they agreed to stop attacking American troops in exchange for a complete US withdrawal. Indeed, no US troops have died in Afghanistan since then. Now the Biden Administration is hinting that they may decide to go back on the deal.

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  • Just like the “I’m not Trump” candidate of 2016, electing the 2020 equivalent GUARANTEES deaths of American military personnel in places in which they have no legitimate reason to be.

    • I remember thinking back in 2016 that some Americans obviously do have a legitimate reason to bite the bullet and vote for Trump – namely those who are betting that he would, at least, have a higher likelihood to draw back from wars of choice rather than engage in all of them, and that this would outweigh any nonsense he would get up to at home. IMHO, and with the benefit of hindsight, that bet would not have panned out – he did far too little good abroad and too much harm at home. Still, a lot of Americans may have good cause to weep because he lost if this goes through.

      • Americans have good cause to weep because the entrenched “two”-party system gives them two versions of the same murderous pig every 4 years … and pack of murderous pigs every 2.

      • Of course. Still, they might have actually ended up with the worse one this time around, at least as far as foreign policy goes. That’s worth an extra tear or two.

  • As the Establishment Media reiterate, those US forces are Peacekeepers, so everyone who demands their withdrawal is a warmonger.

    Ain’t the new and greatly improved English Wonderful!

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