If You Praise Anything about the United States

Bernie Sanders has taken fire for praising the literacy program in Cuba. Apparently any praise for a government is taken as wholesale support. I wonder if that works about the United States.

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  • But Ted, surely you know that quod licet Iovi non licet bovi ?


  • One could hardly expect different from a country (USA) of proud and aggressive ignorance (and mortal fear of those with skin color darker than lily white).

    I haven’t kept up on this particular manufactured “horror” by Sanders but I assume, since he is still in the primary race, that his praise for Cuban literacy probably failed to note that it, and the many other positive societal achievements, have been realized in Cuba while it has had the jackboot of vicious American imperialism firmly affixed to its economic neck?

    Got 60 years of continuous war crimes?

  • And speaking of Mr Sanders, I note that the New York Times has at last got the goods on him and demonstrated that he committed the unspeakable crime of establishing sister-city ties between Burlington, Vermont in the peace-loving United States of America and Yaroslavl in the godless Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, when he should, of course, along with all other right-thinking people, instead have been exerting himself to see to it that the US attacked the Soviet Union and wiped it from the face of the Earth….

    Just keep that in mind when you go to vote in the primaries and in the US presidential election on 3 November this year !


    • Awaiting moderation because I linked to the New York Times….


      • alex_the_tired
        March 6, 2020 7:50 PM

        If you link to the New York Times you deserve worse than moderation. You goose.

      • «If you link to the New York Times you deserve worse than moderation.» Not to worry, Alex, I’ll probably be used after my desert and fail to scape whipping. But I think that in the cosmic scheme of things, providing evidence of how the New York Times deals with Mr Sanders and his candidacy will be considered one of the more minor of my manifold sins…. 😉


  • alex_the_tired
    March 6, 2020 7:49 PM

    I genuinely despair for the results of March 10. Sanders is, right now, less than 100 delegates behind. This is, by no means, insurmountable. Obama was behind by more against Hillary Clinton.
    But the msm’s continuous propaganda attack (the article Ted references is merely one more salvo), coupled to the lower-than-expected turnout by the young people fills me with despair.
    Biden won’t beat Trump. Even if he does, it’ll be business as usual. Weak, timid, half-hearted (at best) responses to significant problems that aren’t going away. And it will also be the end of the progressive wing.
    The dem leadership will never let the progressives rise up again. They will certainly never let an upstart like Sanders come as close to winning as they did this time. When someone breaks out of a cell, there are methods in place for handling it. Procedures. Once in a great while, those procedures fail.
    All the loopholes will be closed off, nice and neat. AOC? I suspect they’ll simply gerrymander her right out of existence. The other progressives? It’ll be like an effective response to coronavirus: their political careers will all come to quick ends via quarantine.
    The fever of real hope and real change will burn itself out, and by the time it rises up for the next generation, it will be too late.

  • I calculate Sanders needs 60% off all remaining delegates yet to be pledged in upcoming primaries. This is so that he can get the required majority of 1991 delegate votes on the first ballot at the nominating convention.

    Given the Super Tuesday “fiasco,” it appears highly unlikely that he can manage this feat. Even if he is able to affect this political miracle, as has been mentioned many times in these threads, the DNC will simply employ its barrage of counter measures to insure the success of the superficially, supremely insipid Biden who, in reality, has a policy record as pernicious as any “centrist” extant.

    • The thing that strikes me – even if it hardly comes as a surprise – is the way that Mr Biden, the alternative to Mr Sanders, who is, of course, portrayed as a leftist, if not far left, or «communist», is not called a rightist, but a «centrist». Are we are to understand that there is no «right» in the Democratic Party ?…


      • Hi Henri,

        We are to understand:

        1) The “Democratic” Party leadership, including the DNC, are, simply, noisome fascist^^^ turds … a craven pack of lying, propaganda-strewing jerk-wads, perhaps worse than the GOP …. AND “commie+++” pinkos, ever thought of being. Their definition and assessment of “centrism” in the party has to regarded as self-serving(of course, ultimately Trump-serving) manipulation of language.

        2) Among “Democratic” Party congress people, there is, at most, a handful (of always persecuted) leftists and only a quickly waning, if minimal, centrist element of the Democratic Party. (search, for example, for the increasing proportion of former military*** and/or “intelligence community” employees appearing in and running for congress with “-D” following their names. I guarantee you, these were carefully sought and lavishly recruited by the craven jerk-wads, of #1, above.)

        3) If you’ve had the stomach for watching, listening to and analyzing the careers of, the “Democratic” Party presidential hopefuls, they have revealed their politics. Any, besides Sanders, you’d call “centrist”?

        4) Among 2016 voters for “Democratic” Party candidates, 65 million of them voted for HR “Henry is such a cuddly dear!” Clinton. I rest my case!

        ^^^ The best short definition of “fascism” that I have seen is: “capitalism’s (over-)reaction to socialism.” (Note: Nancy “we are all capitalists” Pelosi along with her party’s reaction to self-avowed democratic socialist, Sanders.)

        +++ As I have pointed out here before, no actual communism ever existed in the Soviets Union. That country’s economic system was, instead, government capitalism. (One wonders what will be said about “history” when the US’s capitalism-controlled government, likewise, collapses.)

        The horror (intentionally) attendant to the 45-year “commie” myth has been loudly revived, however, during the recent and ongoing, DNC-created and -promulgated, RTP©-gate. (“RTP” is, of course, Rootin’ Tootin’ Putin. )

        *** At this point Ms Gabbard must be regarded as a political aberration (no matter how refreshing) as regards military veterans, in general, and as military-veterans-as-congresspersons, in particular.

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