I Can’t Quit You, Afghanistan

Why is it so hard for Obama to deliver on his repeated promises to leave Afghanistan? Because the situation keeps getting worse. Which is exactly why we already should have left.

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  1. Oh, bummer knows that as soon as we take our troops home, the situation in LastGaspistan will probably fall apart – giving the Repubelikans another failure to blame on the Dumbakrats – possibly shifting the Presidential erection in their flavour. So to prevent that, we’ll let more of our troops be killed and kill a bunch more of them in the interests of truth, justice and the Amurikan way! Meanwhile…….Look! Up in the sky! Is that a bird or a plane? No, it’s abortion rights, gay marriage, the War on Christians, gun control, …….Yeah, keep looking there, just keep looking anyplace else than at what happened to your democracy and why it doesn’t work anymore……

      • Reminds me of Obama’s earlier craven political calculations in the region, reported by Hersh. So eager to pat himself on the back, Obama couldn’t even wait the allotted time he promised the Pakistanis before announcing the death of bin Laden.

  2. We can’t leave Afghanistan – we’re not bankrupt yet. Then, as soon as we are, Putin can declare that he single-handedly destroyed the evil American Empire. (Hey, it worked for Ronnie Ray Gun)

  3. At least when the Soviet Union intervened in Afghanistan in the 80’s it was to support a progressive government. The ruling Communist Party of Afghanistan provided free education and healthcare to its citizens for the first time. Women had unprecedented new rights. As William Blum noted in an interview on RT: “they even wore miniskirts.”

    These facts will upset some people, but as it has often been said, the truth hurts.

    • And Jimma Carter***, of all people, began funding the “moderate rebels” of that era to help the anti-progressive/Russia faction.

      So began our “project for self-destruction over two centuries.”

      *** on the advice of his own Kissinger, i.e. the depraved, fascist fuck: Z-big

      • An important point, falco – all those who claim that «we» (the US and its vassals) should continue to employ «our» military to protect, e g, «women’s rights» should remember that what the Pashtun tribesmen and their jihadist allies, with the benign help of the United States government (from 3 July 1979, more than five months prior to the Russian intervention at the request of the Afghan government, as Zbigniew Kazimierz BrzeziÅ„ski bragged: http://www.voltairenet.org/article165889.html*), were fighting against were such dastardly measures as extending compulsory primary education to all children, including (gasp !) girls !…

        As I recall, the US government chose to support those who were opposed to education of girls, rather than those who were attempting to implement it….


        *Bill Blum’s English translation of the interview can be found here : http://www.globalresearch.ca/articles/BRZ110A.html….

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