How Women Support Both the #MeToo Movement and Joe Biden.

Feminist who support both the “me too” movement and former vice president Joe Biden’s campaign for president awkwardly respond to rape allegations by Tara Reade.

7 thoughts on “How Women Support Both the #MeToo Movement and Joe Biden.

  1. #MeToo was defective from inception. Believe ALL women? That makes about as much sense as Believe ALL men. Ted mentions “Feminist[s] who support” both MeToo and Biden. Stuff and nonsense. Those aren’t feminists. They’re opportunists. And they’ll throw anyone and everyone under the bus to advance themselves personally. Proof of argument? Um, they threw Tara Reade under the bus because they think they’ll get a better deal with Biden in the White House.
    The biggest, sickest part of the joke of course is that under Biden, thinks will be, overall, just about as bad as they were under Trump. It’s like failing Bio and Chem but acing Calculus and History in the first semester (and having a 2.0 GPA as a result) and then failing Calc and History because you studied Bio and Chem to get an A in them the next semester. You still get a 2.0 GPA for the semester.

  2. The digital anti-penetration protection devices worn by the two women to the reader’s left are reminiscent of chastity belts.

    I suppose chastity belts are the best response the MeToo movement could come up with.

    • Glenn, I thought they simply had misunderstood the type of protection their surgical masks were there to provide…. 😉

      That Ted is a subtle chap !…


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