Hold Them Accountable in 2040

Once again, Democrats are selling out their progressive voters. This time, Joe Biden says he’s not going to bother trying for a public option on the Affordable Care Act and there’s no sign of any attempt to increase the minimum wage. What will progressive voters do about it? If history serves, probably nothing.

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  • Can’t make people see when they don’t want to.

    Why would Democrats change tactics when what they do works so well?

  • alex_the_tired
    May 31, 2021 10:11 PM

    Hey, look at how the Republicans are playing the dems down there in Texas. Pelosi-like, they think they’re gonna stop the Republicans because they shut down the vote. Now, the Republicans, who control both chambers will call a special session and pass the bill of their dreams while the dems stamp their feet and cry no fair.
    See, that was the Republicans goal all along. Figure out the loopholes and take advantage of them. How long to pass the new bill? I’d say no more than two weeks. I sure hope all the lefties who don’t understand how you win a fight are ready with their crudely drawn signs and ironic protest garb. All of which is useless.

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