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After more than a year of campaigning on her experience, competence, and measured realism, Hillary Clinton realizes that she may lose the election due to the lack of enthusiasm among her supporters. So now she’s on an inspiration-mongering tour.

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  • How can this “Be Inspired!” campaign fail when coupled with Obama’s Vote for Hillary or “I’ll Be Insulted if You Don’t Vote for Hillary!” campaign?

    Don’t feel what you feel, people, just feel what we tell you to feel. We are more emotionally mature than you are, so feel what we tell you to feel, even if you don’t feel like it.

    Splendid strategy! The Democrats will now attempt to capture Hearts and Minds by asking for their surrender.

  • I keep coming back to Ted Rall’s question (paraphrased): “What the hell has she ever accomplished that would convince you that she would be a good President?”

    • Read Friedman and Cohen and the Clintonbots: EVERYTHING she’s done has been for the best. After all, aren’t Iraq and Libya paradises now? Friedman and Cohen tell us they are, and who are we to think we know more than Friedman and Cohen?

      • You’re right. We are no one compared to them. They are smart.

        I believe everything Friedman and Cohen say, whoever they are and whatever they say, even if they disagree.

        Believing two different things at the same time is the most difficult part, but ultimately it’s the ultimate test of loyalty. Also because my brain stops hurting when I just stop thinking and become fanatically committed to just believing.

  • Inspiration-mongering. Heh.

  • It’s the next meme, DOPPLEGANGER-GATE!

    Ever read Heinlein’s “Double-Star?” There are interesting parallels. The campaign knows the ropes, and to turn this flop successful, they got to get the clueless on board first.

    Of course, Bubba’s going to want to also check that younger stuff out too.


  • Sometimes, Ted, even the most inspired satire cannot match reality. I urge readers who think that our michaelwme might just possibly be exaggerating when he tells us how Ms Clinton is going to drive those dastardly Russians out of the Ukraine to reflect over the photo to which I link above….


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