The One Republican Who Can Defeat Donald Trump

Who is the one Republican candidate who can defeat Donald Trump? The one who still pretends to be a Democrat.

9 thoughts on “The One Republican Who Can Defeat Donald Trump

  1. Agreed, Ted, that Ms Clinton is a Republican, if not in name (RININ) along of course, with many other so-called Democrats, but your conclusion that she can beat Mr Trump in a general election is open to question….


  2. What I would really like to understand is why so many people think she’s on their side. Honestly, I really, really would like to know how that works.

    • “She said so” well, maybe not – but somebody, somewhere, certainly implied it. Probably.

      The GOP perfected the methodology back in Kansas. Run on God, Guns, and Gays – then once in office they go back to cutting taxes for the rich and shitting on the little people who voted for them.

      Yet it continues to work, year after year.

  3. I’m a big fan of yours (and not of Hillary) but think this comic is unfair. First, Hillary admitted she was wrong about the Reagans and AIDS. Second, nobody concerned about women’s rights, including reproductive rights, would mistake Hillary for a Republican. I wouldn’t have thought you considered women’s rights unimportant.

    I agree with you on Hillary’s foreign policy.

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