Here’s Why Democrats Did Their Lame Pro Forma Impeachment of Trump

Impeachment requires bipartisan consensus built up over a painstaking process to be effective. Why did Democrats rush through a pro forma piece of crap at the beginning of an election year?

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  • Why did Democrats rush through a pro forma piece of crap at the beginning of an election year?

    The question gives us the answer, Ted. But on the other hand, presidential election campaigns now go on for four years in the US, Trump, for example has been campaigning since 20 January 2017….

    Furthermore, under present conditions, it is doubtful that any «bipartisan consensus» could be reached. Note that in US history no impeachment has ever resulted in a president being removed from office (if Richard Milhous Nixon hadn’t resigned, he might have been the first)….


  • The Senate would not consider Obama’s nominee for the Supreme Court, so why would anyone expect the Senate to consider some Trumped up charges after they lost so much credibility in pushing Russia-gate?

    The Democrats are worse than useless as an opposition to the Republicans.

  • alex_the_tired
    January 22, 2020 9:20 AM

    Well, I already made my guess, and I was wrong (unless they Fake Shemped RBG).
    My second-best guess? Destabilization will alarm the voters sufficiently for them to fall, yet again, for the “let’s not be rash” gambit. Biden gets elected because we know he’s a pro and he’s been in the White House before, etc., etc.
    The dems have tried every dirty trick in the book short of having Sanders come to Dallas around Thanksgiving. Every candidate they’ve got is a disaster. Warren’s coming apart, Buttigieg just had his Jeb moment. Yang’s got the kids who’ll forget to show up vote, but that one single idea of his with the Dubya-sounding name isn’t enough of a plank for a whole campaign. If he wins Iowa and NH and then Nevada, Joe Biden’s firewall (the same one Hillary rode to the single most memorable defeat in human history; don’t think she doesn’t know what the first line of her obit will be–Hillary Clinton, the war criminal who later lost a slam-dunk presidential bid to Donald Trump …) will collapse. It could actually be a pretty damned interesting primary season.

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