Here’s the Real Reason Foreigners Want to Come to the United States

By most objective standards of quality of life, the United States has become one of the worst advanced countries in the world to live in. And things are only getting worse.

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  • alex_the_tired
    December 2, 2020 7:03 AM

    Or, as we’ll call it by the end of 2021, the Good Old Days. It’s what happens when elections are rigged.
    Yes, Trump got that right.
    If, um, Biden’s party loses either of those two runoffs in Georgia, Biden will not have control of the Senate: so nothing will happen. He’s too timid and feeble to use the executive order option (and even that would be of limited use). However, if the dems do manage to turn Biden’s piss into wine, and actually get both runoffs? Why, the dems will have control of the House, the Senate, and the Presidency. And Biden will do nothing with that power that will help the average American in any substantial way whatsoever.
    His BlackRock owners in the cabinet he’s been told to pick and the Wall Street masters of the universe who own him and Kamala down to their toenails will win either way, and all of us will lose as the country slides into a long, protracted Great Depression-style non-recovery (i.e., an Obama recovery).
    That’s what Trump must have meant about the election being rigged.
    I don’t know which is worse: watching our last chance go under for the third and final time or realizing that Trump actually WAS the smartest bulb in the drawer.

  • The Progressive Immigration Policy, “Give US Your Sick, Lame and Lazy Yearning for Free Stuff and Government Care.”

  • Coworkers used to ask me why I stay in the US when I complained about living in it.

    I answered that I’d also rather be on the breech end than the muzzle end of a gun.

    Their are no coups (yet) in the US because there are no US embassies here.

    US invades and subverts countries that treat their people as citizens instead of as subjects.

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