Grief Counselors Descend on Waziristan

What if grief counselors and child psychologists descended upon the scene of tragedies overseas, like U.S. drone bombings in Pakistan?

3 thoughts on “Grief Counselors Descend on Waziristan

  1. The question being: how much of such abuse will it take this Muslim republic WITH verifiable, if illegal, nuclear warheads, to hate us?

    Oh, I forgot, no drones have hit my house yet and, besides, these swarthy types probably deserved it … so not to worry. Happy Holy Period of Joyous Consumption.

  2. What a horrific idea. I am reminded of the “Satanic Panic” of the 1980s which was started, in no small part, by undertrained social worker types who elevated “believe the victim” to Holy Writ. The notion that a bunch of people with minimal training in psychology — you know the high-end therapists won’t be parachuting in to East Sand Drift — will be able to do anything good, rather than unintentionally screw everything up even more, is minimal.

    These people have suffered enough. Please don’t sic therapists on them. “I sense that you’re upset that your parents were blown to bits. Have you considered art therapy as a way to express your anger positively? Sure, there are no art supplies, no schools, and you have no means of support, but attitude is important here.”

  3. Well, Ted, you must understand that in the current fiscal situation, providing further «aid» to Pakistan in the form of grief counselors and child psychologists is simple not practicable. While an excellent idea, it will simply have to wait. Meanwhile more highly prioritised activities, like drone attacks, will continue….


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