Going for Medicare for All Proves That Radicalism Is the Only Way

Moderates who love incrementalism constantly say that is the only way to get things done but the current debate over healthcare shows that the exact opposite is true.

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  • But in reference to the third frame above, what those demonstrators will be facing is not a frightened billionaire, but their tools, i e, a militarised police which, in contrast to the cops in Hong Kong, will not heistiate to shoot them down….


    • True, Henri.

      Americans know this so well, and that knowledge has burned so deeply into their psyche, that the only way to live with it is to simply deny it away as if it were only a bad dream, like the monster that hides under the child’s bed: sure it’s not there but too fearful to look.

      And then displace it with mass murders, both foreign and domestic.

      A sick system makes for sick puppies.

  • alex_the_tired
    December 5, 2019 9:05 PM

    I still do not understand why someone would want their crappy co-pay insurance after they get Medicare for All. I must be missing something.

  • You can’t do a half a job on the system, billionaire squabbles will be put aside to restore order

    The uber rich would make some calls and shutdown or hobble the banking system, everyone that needs to buy food or pay rent with their savings or direct deposit funds would suffer. Need goods won’t be imported, exports would stop flowing, unemployment would skyrocket…… most people will give up the struggle.
    The threat to the banking system is what brought the Greeks back into line and ended the talk of not servicing their debt.

    One way of overthrowing the system would take origination, the FBI infiltrated radical groups in the 60’s and did their best to undermine them I am sure they would do it again. Which leaves a Arab Spring type spontaneous revolt, which will be fought tooth and nail by the army, national guard, police with batons and gas, if that won’t do it bullets will fly. To top it off the far right groups would try and join in the fray.

    Think the army might stand down if things are really bad probably not unless they are not getting paid.
    In the 30’s veterans of the First World war wanted they war service bonus checks years early to buy food and pay rent. The veterans set up tents and shacks in Washington D.C. and peacefully marched. they where hoping public sympathy would get their checks issued. Many of the war veterans had been out of work since the beginning of the Great Depression. The Compensation Act of 1924 had awarded them bonuses they could not redeem until 1948.
    On July 28, U.S. Attorney General William D. Mitchell ordered the veterans removed from all government property. Washington police met with resistance, shots were fired, and two veterans were wounded and later died. President Herbert Hoover then ordered the U.S. Army to clear the marchers’ campsite. Army Chief of Staff General Douglas MacArthur commanded a contingent of infantry and cavalry, supported by six tanks. The Bonus Army marchers with their wives and children were driven out, and their shelters and belongings burned.
    A second, smaller Bonus March in 1933 at the start of the Roosevelt administration was defused in May with an offer of jobs with the Civilian Conservation Corps at Fort Hunt, Virginia, which most of the group accepted. Those who chose not to work for the CCC by the May 22 deadline were given transportation home. In 1936, Congress overrode President Roosevelt’s veto and paid the veterans their bonus nine years early.

    Looing into the future, all will take to keep order in the future is a small group of loyalist building, programing and commanding a large fleet of drones and robots that will be able to disperse any unlawful gathering.

    That leaves a third party that builds itself into a strong national movement but that has not happed in 21 or 20th century, the Dems and G.O.P. do agree on the need to shutout third parties. If you did get a strong third party that passed national health care and a dozen other need programs, most of the 99% would rejoice but the rich would work on corrupting the new party.

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