The Department of Homeland Security has developed BOSS (Biometric Optical Surveillance System) in order to track US citizens from surveillance cameras as they walk around. But maybe there’s a way to keep Homeland Security from following you.

9 thoughts on “Generi-Face

  1. It won’t matter. Soon enough facial recognition software will be obsolete. DNA monitoring will be introduced soon enough. Skin cells that shed will be easily sampled from anyone in a public space and immediately cross-referenced against a national database. All Americans will be required by law to submit DNA samples just to get a drivers license. Soon after it will be required to get a Social Security number. Americans, being the cowardly fucks they are, will comply. And they will comply without a fuss of course. Anything to keep us safe, so sayeth mom and pop America.

    We have entered an American whereby anyone that’s not servile to state and corporate authority will be considered a troublemaker at best, a terrorist at worst. Tracking all movements of all people will be essential to the state’s ability to maintain permanent and eternal authority over its subjects.

  2. We all know that rich people don’t have anything to worry about anywhere. . . they are gods in our society, they are true americans, true patriots…..they can do no wrong….they aren’t the ones with anything to worry about, they own our political class

  3. Easier to install a subcutaneous chip – something like a SIM card – at birth and require periodic re-installations in order to keep up with technological advances. All, of course, for the sake of national security, which is why governments are instituted among men….

    But admittedly, it wouldn’t make for half as good a cartoon as Ted’s «generi-face» above….


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