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Watching TV coverage of the disaster in the Gulf, one could almost forget that this was about fucking up the earth and killing its living things, not just the chances of Democrats of retaining seats in the House of Representatives this fall. Almost.

6 thoughts on “Full Coverage

  1. Come on Ted, you’re being awfully unfair here. BP has a fiduciary responsibility to its shareholders, and our elected officials have a responsibility to their constituents and corporate benefactors. How dare you suggest that some stupid animals and left-wing wimp ecosystem should have any relevance in this equation.

  2. This is what happens when you elect someone with zero executive experience. All Barry knows how to do is rabble rouse and blame others, when instead he should be making executive decisions supporting the needs of the local governments. For example, he could have led the way to suspend the Jones Act do foreign vessels could assist with the cleanup. Norway and Denmark have offered their booms to help stem the tide of oil. Instead, Barry and his cronies blame Bush. Barry is in way over his head.

  3. “This is what happens when you…..” We’ll never see it on the wrong side of any issue, it, having perfect hindsignt. Geez, Louise! What a maroon!

  4. Some of the animals look like they have been extinct since the Pleistocene.
    I am not a biologist, but I can’t understand why an oil spill would strand dolphins.

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