For Kamala Harris, It Looks like It’s Pretty Much the End

Early in the Democratic campaign for president in 2020, former prosecutor and California senator Kamala Harris looked like she was up and coming. Her high point was challenging Joe Biden at a debate about his previous opposition to court-ordered busing in the early 1970s. Soon it became clear, however, that she was more of a troll than a real candidate with real issues. Even though the corporate media didn’t talk about it much, progressive Democrats didn’t have much use for the news that she had deliberately sent an innocent man to death row and then not wanted to talk about it afterwards. Now she is closing offices and laying off staff. Looks like the beginning of the end.

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  • The best way to close that particular career path – sending innocents to death row – is to abolish capital punishment. Isn’t it about time ?…


  • Looking at goComics, I fear the Yellow Dog Democrats vehemently dislike Mr Rall because he isn’t one.
    Obama had style, but no substance. Obama makes Trump look like a rank amateur liar. Obama said we must fight climate change, but worked hard to double US fossil fuel production. He said we must treat Hispanics with respect, but was Deporter-in-Chief. He said we must not discriminate against Muslims, while banning new visas. But all hushed up, the Obamabots don’t believe a word of any of it, they’re sure Obama never told a lie. That’s how a professional lies, not like Trump.
    As Bashar Assad said, he likes Trump because he’s the most transparent US president he’s ever seen.

  • For a while now Harris has been marketed as the female successor to the neoliberal-but-with-a-smile-and-somewhat-darker-skin mantle Obama perfected.

    She really should have run in 2016, but apparently she thought she had to “wait her turn”… Now it’s a little late in the game to re-run that particular charade.

    Still, there is some small “d” democratic choice in the primaries – a lot more than in the general election as 3rd party candidates are literally apprehended by police for trying to participate.

    Why not let the voters decide Kamala Harris’ appeal? (Not a single vote has been cast yet.)

  • alex_the_tired
    November 10, 2019 8:32 AM

    Kamala Harris’ campaign is particularly instructive. A look over at fivethirtyeight reveals that she is second on their “who has the endorsements” list, behind Joe Biden. Biden has 135 points on their scale, Harris has 89.
    The endorsements are particularly instructive: If you take a look, you’ll see that something like 250 points of the endorsements are either for campaigns that have already failed or are close to failing.

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