Follow Science or Your Weird Sky God

Liberal Democrats urge vaccine resistant Americans, particularly Republicans, to follow science and get vaccinated against COVID-19. Solid advice. But the very same liberal Democrats are willing to grant religious exceptions to vaccine mandates even though religion runs entirely contrary to science.

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  • alex_the_tired
    October 27, 2021 6:45 PM

    You’re probably aware of this, Ted, but you’ve just summed up the entire American political two-party system. Science dictates one course of action. The democrats introduce a weak-ass version of the science-based advice. The Republicans figure out a loophole. The democrats go along with the loophole, even though it defeats the scientific course of action AND makes them look weak and ineffective (and ineffectual).
    We’ve now got President Manchin putting the finishing touches on the totally gutted $1.5T bill. (it is $1.5T isn’t it? Or has it been hacked even further? I stopped watching a while before what’s his name got killed at the Red Wedding, I mean, before paid leave got slashed.) It started at $6T and wasn’t enough even then. Now it’s like bringing a teaspoon of water to put out a house fire.
    I wonder what Stacey Abrams is thinking right now. As she sits in a dark room, drinking a scotch and staring contemplatively into the fireplace. “I. Busted. My. Ass. I busted my ass and got Biden a 50/50 Senate. And he’s completely squandered it. I. Am. A. Fool.”
    I can guess what Sanders thinks. But he’s a little too shrewd to admit it.
    And I know what Biden is thinking. “That Ralph Wiggum kid sure is smart. Trump lost. Sure he did. That’s why I’m getting so much done and setting it up for whatshername. The veep. The one who likes to keep the innocent on death row. It’s just gonna be democrats from here on out. Dust jemocrats. …”

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