First They Came for Julian Assange But I Said Something Stupid

WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange was evicted from the Ecuadorian embassy in London and tossed into the hands of British security forces who plan to extradite him to the United States. Amazingly, many American journalists thought this was a very good idea and couldn’t possibly see how they might be next.

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  • But Ted, those journalists/propagandists who think that the arrest and impending extradition of Julian Paul Assange to the tender mercies of the Evil Empire’s (in)justice system is a good idea are those who are willing to talk politely with the US president or other representatives of the deep state. Why should they be next ? They remain useful….


  • An excellent article on the legal situation facing Assange can be found at the following Link

  • There’s a toughie – we supposedly have whistleblower laws in place to protect whistleblowers (which would seem to apply in this case) But what about how they acquire the info in the first place? They aren’t prosecuting for the leaks themselves, but rather the hacking (?) used to acquire them. (?) I seem to recall that Manning had access to the info, meaning no *hacking* was involved. Anyhoo, if blowing the whistle is protected, then how one acquires the whistle should be irrelevant.

    And how many of the perps exposed by Manning/Assange will serve time?

    But I have lost most respect for Assange, his actions in DastardlyRussiansGate show him to be a player, rather than an honest purveyor of information. He’s not driven by a desire to uncover The Truth, but rather to selectively use information to push his own agenda. In that regard his no more a “journalist” than is Sean Hannity.

    Not offering to rehash DRG, only commenting on Assange’s actions. I don’t doubt that the deniers wholeheartedly support those actions. Me, I form my opinions without any regard to Hillary whatsoever.

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