FDR and Biden Are Exactly the Same

Democrats and their media allies are currently comparing the legislative agenda of Joe Biden to the sweeping ambition of Franklin Delano Roosevelt at the beginning of the Great Depression. But there’s really no comparison.

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  • This fantasy is spun””” by the same “delusionati” who a) brought you RTP©-gate*** and b) in the last two elections, cheated out of the presidential nomination their only prospective candidate who even remotely resembled FDR.°°°

    (“Is Maddow waxing eloquently about this? Does Maddow still have a job? WHY does Maddow still have a job?!?)
    “”” apparently out of the closest thing to a perfect vacuum that exists on earth
    *** Rootin’ Tootin’ Putin
    °°° … since they developed the technique on Henry Wallace in favor of their Cheney-forerunner who nuked Japan, twice, and created the CIA

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