Fact Terrorist

We gave up our privacy to corporations. But that was voluntary. And it wasn’t to the government – the organization that runs concentration camps.

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  • The events depicted in this comic happen in the YouTube comments section every 10 seconds.

  • The job of the media is to shield the herd from facts that would terrorize and stampede the herd, thereby making the man-that-is-wolf-to-man’s predations easier.

  • I am so tired of hearing that ‘we gave up our privacy years ago.’ I didn’t! And it doesn’t make it OK to give up more. How dumb are these people? How could these moves by the government be good in any way? Just as big of a point to me is that some people having access to private information is no big deal so long as the person has agreed and is protected by confidentiality law and rule of law overall. But here, there is no accountability, recourse, oversight, opt out, etc. THAT’S why it is so wrong and terrifying. We might as well be actors in a dystopian movie!

    Sekhment, yeah.

  • It’s only a few short steps from being a “fact-terrorist” to becoming, in the eyes of many sheeple, a certified wacko crazy or someone who needs to be censured.

  • Not sure about the term «fact-terrorist», but some facts are clearly «terrible»….


  • Spot on. I don’t give any more of privacy to Google than I want, and I don’t need to. The state, OTOH, goes to great lengths to invade our privacy, at any cost. Cost that is billed to you, of course.

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