Drinking Games for Recovering Alcoholics

The presidential and vice-presidential debates leave countless subjects neglected, among them poverty, human rights, global warming and the foreclosure crisis.

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  • Love it!

  • Good point! Get us out of these wars and focus on taking care of our own problwems first! Seems to work well for a lot of other countries that have better health care and infrastructures to support their citizens – Demote the Corporations from their “Corps are people” status and get the special interest PACs and slush funds out of politics – limited terms for Congressmen and Senators – the 2-party system has rarely, if ever, worked to provide anything more than more of the same special-interests focused people.

  • Wonder if this therapy works ? Ms Clinton can’t seem to open her mouth without the words «human rights» tumbling out, so it were probably best that these recovering alcoholics don’t watch any of her many TV appearances….


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