Divine Retribution in the Age of Coronavirus

Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul contracted COVID-19 after holding up a coronavirus relief package. Some people said it was a sign that there is a God. If that’s true, there are many others who probably deserve some divine retribution.

4 thoughts on “Divine Retribution in the Age of Coronavirus

  1. It’s a long list, innit it?
    Covid-19 would also have to take out
    Tom Perez of the dnc.
    It’d have to strike down and remove permanently Hillary Rodham Clinton, War Criminal.
    Henry Kissinger too, but he’s never going to die. Ever. Not ever.
    All the boomers I’ve encountered who so smugly explain that they’re against Medicare for All because they have excellent health insurance as part of their pensions (funded by all the wealth and opportunities they stole from Gen X)? Oh, they’d all have to drop dead as well.
    All the intelligent design crowd.
    Every doctor who either (a) never returns a phone call or email, no matter how serious or (b) chuckles like Dr. Hibbert at whatever you say.
    Every “disruptive entrepreneur.” Every Zuckerberg, Dorsey, Bezos, Sackler, Gates, Walton, etc.
    Every corporate welfare king and queen who screwed their workers over. Every CEO at every oil company.
    If it did, I’d be out there right now, licking doorknobs and coughing on produce.

  2. Virus profiteers would top my list:

    Least to most………………
    Small time profiteers, jacking up prices on supplies they horded…one grey market sanitizer dealer donated his stock to EMS workers when the profiteering laws started kicking in…still he probably came out ahead by cleaning out the stores.

    Lobbyist, the Race for Virus Money Is on among the early winners: the Washington influence industry.
    Small church pastors that hold normal services
    Sideshow street racers still gathering to show off their wheels
    Mega church pastors that try and hold huge services, glad to her one was arrested
    The CEO’s that sent in the lobbyist
    Vulture capitalist making pennies on the dollar offers to failing business to buy up their names and their product lines.
    Vulture capitalist getting ready to scoop up family homes and apartment complexes on the cheep, lay low until the first signs of recovery and then start jacking the rent again and again.
    Any company that wants to charge extra for making medical supplies it should be at cost.

    Any boss from big time C.E.O. down to Mom and Pop operations that doesn’t create the safest work area they can if they are essential business that needs to stay open.

    The worst of the worst, Dan Patrick lt. governor of Texas and his ilk

    Texas lieutenant governor Dan Patrick suggested grandparents are willing to risk dying so people can keep working amid pandemic

  3. Can’t wait, Ted, for the next medRxiv preprint including the occupational backgrounds of Covid-19 patients in a study of outcomes. Then perhaps we shall know if karma exists, but as the situation stands today, the ones must likely to be struck by the virus seem to be healthcare workers, so good here seems rather to be repaid with evil….


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