28% of Americans, a record high, tell the Pew Research poll that they are disgusted by both major political parties. It’s not hard to imagine why; the system is distracted by impeachment and other inside the Beltway issues while bread and butter problems that affect ordinary people get ignored by the political class.

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  • In 2020, the biggest, most important election in human history (until the next one) — the one in which Joe Biden beat Donald Trump by a rounding error of about 20,000 votes — 150 million people showed up to vote. That was a record for turnout: 67%. In most elections, it’s lower. That means 75 million people didn’t participate. Come up with all the reasons you want, but whether it’s disgust or a sore throat or a flat tire, it’s the same result: a solid third of the entire voting bloc doesn’t vote. It’s been like this for decades. In 1996, it was almost 50% that didn’t vote.

    That a solid third of the country’s voters don’t vote should scare the bejeezus out of Biden’s owner-operators. As I mentioned, Biden barely eked out a victory in an election that was marketed to the rubes as the real Sydney or the Bush moment for the nation. And STILL, a third of all voters just didn’t bother voting.

    Right now, Biden’s starting to make more unforced errors. More speaking errors, more lapses. He’s been screwing up since the fiasco of “evacuating” Afghanistan like the revelers evacuated the Cocoanut Grove nightclub. And it’s been a long series of screw ups. Whether it’s Fumbles Harris or that fiasco of a press secretary who acts like she’s at a forensics club practice debate with her luckiest Trapper Keeper filled with color-coded tabs, Biden’s team has botched a staggering quantity of things. Student loans are about to start coming due again. And that’s gonna cost Biden. I think it’s going to be the elephant in the room during the autopsies on the news shows about how Biden lost the election.

    The government shut down? That too will be thrown at Biden as a failing on his part. Why? Because the people who are doing it? They’re actually getting what they want. It’s a handful of people, you could fit them all into a single gas chamber at Alcatraz. And they’re getting what they want! With good ol’ smilin’ Joe? The only thing he digs in his heels for is anything related to protecting his son. Everything else, he compromises away to a nothingburger. And if this election is like the last one, Biden can’t afford to lose a single vote.

  • Here on this blog, guess who is the major system actor “distracting people by impeachment and other inside the Beltway issues“?

    Moreover, calling “Climate Change” a “bread and butter problem” is a bit of an understatement. Then, pretending it “it will kill us all” denotes a great ignorance of the issue.

    Such lack of knowledge is even more apparent when omitting to mention as a real problem the INESCAPABLE DECLINE of the global economy that has already started about 5 years ago.

    Due to their total lack of reaction, it looks that watching and understanding an MIT conference is out of Rall and his acolytes’ grasp.

    So here is a 100% red-blooded american video introducing the real issues: Nate Hagens – The Great Simplification;
    And and its continuation: Nate Hagens – Earth and Humanity
    (N.B.: The latter is almost 3 hours long. Since there are 33 myths to dispel, a time stamp of the various sections is available in the comments to ease watching it by installments)

    The only people who believe in infinite growth in a finite world are madmen and economists. — Kenneth E. Boulding (1910-1993)

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