Democrats Augur the End Times

Every single election, Democrats say the same exact thing: This is the most important election of our lifetime. Democracy itself is at stake. This is a vital time for us to come together and fight the Republicans because, this time unlike any other, they are dangerous and unreasonable. They would have more credibility were they to say, on occasion, that that wasn’t true.

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  • alex_the_tired
    August 25, 2023 4:55 AM

    I do love these little details you throw in, Ted. The pixie standing on the desktop. The rainbow-hued unicorn. Just a perfect summation of the dumbth and wooden-headedness that are sending us all over the cliff. Did you see Trump’s mug shot? He’s just thrown everything into the pot. He took the mask off finally. He’s going to get even this time. When he gets elected, it is quite possible he will have a majority in both the House and Senate. And, by God, he’ll know what to do with them. It will be for all the marbles.

    And what will the left do? Well, they’ll be a 20-year-old trans activist screaming and crying at Ben Shapiro. That’ll be turned into a YouTube video to fill the eyeholes of millions of Trump supporters who’ll use it as evidence, per se, of the invalidity of the opposition’s arguments. We’ll still have Greta Thunberg stamping her foot, sailing around on her hand-built boat. Al Gore will still be cashing in big speaking fees to fly around talking about the seriousness of bad words on record albums, I mean, carbon dioxide.

    The people trying to use Socratic discourse? Oh, they were chased out of the auditorium many months ago for supporting a racist, misogynistic, Western mindframe of objective rationality that attempts to disrespect and disempower emotional reactionism.

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