Culture of Life

The right-wingers who comprise the majority of the pro-life movement are only consistent in one respect. On issue after issue, they have no respect for life. Their hypocrisy leads one to suspect that they are more interested in controlling women than saving lives.

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  • alex_the_tired
    May 23, 2022 5:35 AM

    Each group Ted identified is either a minority by actual numerical measure or by collective incompetence. Pro-life/pro-choice in this country is about 48/48, but the pro-life fringe bombs clinics, murders doctors, infiltrates government, and gets legislation undone. The pro-choice side wears funny hats and has a good time at its parties, I mean, marches.
    Maybe abortion was a rallying cry (or made to look like one) in 1972. Now? A 19-year-old at NYU with RU-486 and morning-after pills at 30 pharmacies in a one-mile radius has no possible conception of bleeding out in a motel room. The Bad Old Days? Yeah, tell me again about how Vietnam ended the U.S. engaging in useless wars for ever and ever?

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