Connect This, Woo-Woos

Woo-woo New Age types like to say that the fundamental changes we need in society must begin individually, via some sort of vague spiritual transformation. But we don’t have time for that crap.

8 thoughts on “Connect This, Woo-Woos

  1. The Confucian doctrine of the rectification of names (正名) in woo-woo guise. Somehow it made more sense when the philospher advocated it two and a half millennia ago…. 😉


  2. So “nothing can be done” for the next 30 years BUT to heap contempt upon those whose attitudes would have been more than sufficient to optimize the number of generations of H. sapiens on earth … except that the entire operation is, in fact run by, the “0.001% psychpathological, moral & emotional monsters”???
    (Rectify that!!!)

  3. Sure, “feeling our connectedness with all living beings” all by itself will only lead to accepting near-term human extinction as the best solution to the planet’s problems–which, if we don’t change our ways, it is. But combining that awareness with political and direct action, plus doing whatever one can to spread that awareness, might do the trick. Forcing people to “do the right thing,” without that awareness, is as certain to fail as doing nothing, in my opinion–because people who don’t understand why they’re being forced to take the extreme measures that this crisis calls for will not be sufficiently motivated to succeed.

    • Not Ted’s point (as I interpret it). What he’s commenting upon is «feeling the connectedness with all living beings» as a painless alternative to taking the very painful measures that are required if our species is to survive….


  4. For decades now, we’ve encouraged a culture of simpletons. “Math is hard.” “I read my horoscope.” “Vaccines are bad.” “Centrism is a way forward.” Now the bill’s arrived. Surprise. I think the TEOTWAWKI people have it right about being ready to simply bug out when things begin to fall apart (but most of them, being part of the woo-woo culture, aren’t doing their Prepper rituals correctly either).

  5. Sometimes it’s nice to take a bit of respite among the placid cattle whose contemplation both pacifies and excludes from consciousness their impending slaughter.

    But I could never live there. And despite their short sighted temporary comfort, neither will they.

    Eat the rich, the fat and happy resultants of excessive consumption.

    Turnabout is fair play.

  6. The poles are finding that the majority of people now accept climate change.
    The discussion is now beginning about what that actually means.

    Soleimani was zapped for being a “bad guy” who killed Americans. Partly. By that rationale we should zap Trump and, likewise, any other leaders that fail to take action against climate change. Like Scott Morrison of Australia. Hell, we should reduce the population anyway.

    • Not to worry, Pat ; figures like Donald John Trump and Scott Morrison are doing more to ensure that the human population declines than a thousand planned parenhood associations could aspire to accomplish together….


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