Come out from under the Bed and Rule like the Thug You Said You Were

Donald Trump ran for president as an authoritarian strongman businessman who could get things done. Now we’re in a national crisis due to the coronavirus, and he’s hiding from the media and failing to take the kinds of steps you might expect him to take, such as curtailing international and domestic travel in a serious way.

3 thoughts on “Come out from under the Bed and Rule like the Thug You Said You Were

  1. Not ruling like a thug?

    I beg your pardon, it’s egregious thuggery to be “failing to take the kinds of steps you might expect him to take” (and the national health would require he take).

    I especially like the sending off, to the biggest banks, ANOTHER $1.5 Trillion (with a “T” like “thug) after a decade (initiated by Obumma) of sending tens of $$$ Trillions to them … with no demonstrable POSITIVE effect on the lives of the 99.999%. (i.e. recall the Orwellian “quantitative easing”?)

    In 2018 His Hairness (aka “Trump”), to help pay for yet another round of tax cuts for those with the most money, abolished the White House office on pandemic preparedness.

    This is quintessential thuggery.

    Perhaps it isn’t immediately obvious because the economic system in which we are immersed, itself, like the corona virus, has exhibited its own exponential growth … of thuggery. Of course, while the virus has had three months of wild growth, neo-liberal capitalism’s thuggery has had 40 years.

  2. I see Trump’s failure to lead as evidence of why no one in their right mind can justify voting for Biden. (Keep in mind, “Joe Biden” anagrams to “I need job.” You won’t need to remember that because Biden has no chance of winning the general, but just in case he does …)

    Much like in a nightclub fire, the people who tend to survive are the ones who remain calm and do the correct things in the correct sequence. I see no evidence that Biden or his owners would have done things right. The Idiot Pelosi got through a bill that only assists 20% of workers. Romney wants to send everyone a one-time $1,000 check. This will buy everyone less than a month and is a useless expenditure of money. To use the nightclub fire analogy, it’s a glass of water hurled on the flames.

    Don’t forget to watch whatever elections are still being held today. Sanders only chance now, I suspect, is if Biden catches coronavirus and has to drop out (or drop dead).

  3. Ted, that doesn’t look like Melania to me ; does Mr Trump have a new, blonde flame ? After all, it can’t possibly be his housekeeper. ; everyone knows that he only hires so-called «illegal» Latin American immigrants for such tasks…. 😉


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