Gloating Must Be A Republican Thing

It would only be fair, after all the disgusting insults progressives have received from right-wingers over the last eight years, to gloat. But it’s so boring!

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  • What a lame offering for a cartoon. Do you really think your average American person really wants to poke jabs at his neighbors for their beliefs or perceived failings?…And then I look more at your website…. Not much positive offered, just a lot of barking dog paraphernalia. How To Book Ted Rall For My Event? Why in the world would I want to book Ted Rall, Ann Coulter, Michelle Manikin, Palin, or anyone else LIKE THAT for an event? I can't even AFFORD an event. Why would I want to book a symptom of a malaise rather than someone entertaining? Why would I want to book a greedy, opportunistic, self-serving bottom feeder for anything except to spread manure on a lawn? Don't get me wrong, but a neighborhood of noisy barking dogs is hard to live in, and I think we need to do the things best suited to being productive and positive – especially in view of the economic corrections and challenges the entire world is facing now. Ted – I think that the bullshit detecting business is a pretty easy business – there is so much of it everywhere. Constructive and positive dialogue is much harder….are you up for the challenge?

  • Yes, shameless hypocrisy and mindless arrogance of the type that leads to "USA! USA!" chants as a response to anything is purely the purview of idiots, Ted.

    People who are reflexive, educated, and intelligent generally are more liberal, more progressive, and tend to be Democrats in the US. They also tend to take things more seriously. This discourages political bigotry.

    Have you listened to Joe Scarborough lately? That guy is a flaming douchebag of bitterness and hostility. Why? Because he represents a constituency of those people. They are continuing to argue that this country is still conservative, and that Bush and then McCain just weren't conservative enough.

    Personally, I hope the continue down that path for another century, because they'll continue to lose. Most likely those who care more about winning than good governance will prevail.

  • Thanks Ted. I want to gloat! I want to push their facist faces up Obamas butt! Make sure they get a good whiff. Yes they should move to Iraq where they can feel the love they so richly deserve. I say anyone that voted for bush in the prior 2 elections gets to pay for the debt accrued under his reign. Oh…do I sound bitter?

  • Anonymous:

    "Can't we all just get along?" "Can't we just accept each other, unconditionally and universally?" "Polemicists who raise their voices are so icky!"

    First, such morally-relativistic quietism, which deadens the senses of thinking people, enables evil people. You sound like the Republicans during the first six years of Bush's presidency: "it's uncivil to point out that our President is worthless human refuse!" Second, like it or not, pessimists are right a hell of a lot more often than optimists.


  • Yeah Aggie, We know you are not a political bigot.

  • A recent article suggests that the disgraced Newt 'newt' Gingrich is serioulsy considering a run at the Presidency in 2012. A related story shows George W. Bush claiming he has more gray hair now due to the tremendous pressures of his very, very, very hard job at Presidenting. Actually, LBJ grew older and grayer from the pressures of his involving our country in Vietnam. George W. Bush just told his hairdresser to stop with the dye. See how lying gets to be an addiction?

  • Anon 11:58 – I am not a political bigot, however I have no tolerance for people of supposedly good intentions consistently getting the wrong answer to the most menial and easily correctable flaws. I vote for George W. Bush in 2004 was unfortgivable. Getting things right matters, because it means peoples lives. Millions of people who are dead right now would be alive if George W. Bush were never elected President. FEMA used to work, as well, and so did the USDA and FDA.

    This isn't political bigotry, it's holding those responsible accountable. Stupidity and ignorance is not an excuse.

    As for Newt 'newt' Gingrich, that guy is a patriarchal, paternalistic fascist, just evaluate his speeches of the past few years. Luckily he's absurdly delusional about his own relevance in the world. Anyone who believes their leadership is God's Will should be disqualified immediately from serving in any secular institution.

  • Dear anon.10:09 I'm not trying to deaden their senses! I just want to check see if their sense of smell has left with all other form of intelligence they may have had. See I'm trying to help them. 🙂

  • …George W. Bush were never elected President.

    Elected? Did you mean "appointed"?

  • He meant elected by the media, grouchy. You know, exactly like .. well, forget about it.

  • What a lame offering for a comment

    "…are you up for the challenge?"

    smug and patronizing, too!

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