Bailouts Everywhere, Not a Drop For People

Everyone’s getting a bailout. Just not people who need them.

6 thoughts on “Bailouts Everywhere, Not a Drop For People

  1. Yeah, I don't get it. I offered a much sweeter deal than Citicorp, or any of the big 3 auto manufacturers.

    I said, "Hey, if pay for part of it, then you own part of it. That's just basic capitalism." So far, no takers. Odd.

  2. Soon after wards will be the bailout for all the "independent contractors" I see standing outside my local HomeDepot. Poor bastards.

    Funny story Ted. I had a friend who, as a last resort, tried to get hired on as field labor. Surprisingly he was shot down. Field labor may not be a high in demand job right but how soon do you think it will be before more and more Americans are essentially forced to try for jobs they had previously though below them? How high will the national unemployment rate have to hit before more and more people turn to this kind of work? 12%, 20%, 50%?

    Food for thought.

  3. Banks receiving $163 billion from the bailout are planning to pay more than half of it to shareholders. This is a direct transfer of money from taxpayers to shareholders. So much for buying bad loans to save banks from collapsing. This arrogance is plain thievery of funds, with little scrutiny and no vote.

    Sen. Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.), one of the lone voices of reason, said, "The whole purpose of the program is to increase lending and inject capital into Main Street. If the money is used for dividends, it defeats the purpose of the program."

  4. This is what happens when government tries to… do anything. The more they try to fix it the more they f things up. That's why we are supposed to have Federalism.

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