Would the great thinkers of the past survive Internet troll culture?

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  • LOL!!!!!!!!!!

  • To paraphrase a friend of mine:

    "When God was handing out compassion, the internet was smoking a joint and taking a wizz".



  • Yeah pretty much, eh.

    G-d forbid you try to bring a little insight into people. Information = less porn available on the server.

    Maybe that's what the internet should be. Craigslist, e-mail, and porn.

  • Jesus X. Crutch
    July 4, 2009 8:30 PM

    Looks like old J P Sartre put the troll on ignore, that's a good philosophy.

  • Hi Ted, I mostly agree with you – but what can you expect from a nation of beaten down people who are now scared of their own government? A nation of sheep. While some of the nitwits who respond to you seem to be taking a few swigs from a beer and barking from their keyboards, what do you really expect? Tell us, and don't hold back on realistic expectations. Realistic. Car alarms and people screaming in the night are only distractions that annoy people. Most of them don't jump up and grab a gun. So – do you have any positive comments that are actually possible in this climate?

  • That is, indeed, quite funny!

    That is, indeed, why I stopped having discussions with folk via the Internet.

    That's why I admire a certain right wing writer/artist. He refuses to take part in any discussions and merely publishes (in print–never "online") his various tracts and books. I disagree with every freaking thing he writes, but you know what? I still admire the old bastard. He doesn't allow the nigh-brainless public to get him sidetracked in making his proposals. His personal side? Neither I norm apparently, anyone else knows, because he only allows his work to speak for him.

    In many ways, you just have to admire that.

  • "Great thinkers of the past" should read, condoner of the most brutal tyrannies of the 20th century.

  • Susan Stark
    July 5, 2009 5:35 PM

    I troll, therefore I am.

  • sartre was the dude who thought that hell was having to be around other people. kinda hard to imagine him hanging out in a forum or chat room.

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