George W. Bush, We Hardly Knew Ye

My feelings about Bush’s politics are well-documented. As a political cartoonist, however, a subject like that only comes along once in a lifetime.

4 thoughts on “George W. Bush, We Hardly Knew Ye

  1. I like the W thing, I went to a Bush rally (long story, it was a reporter-type occasion) in 2000 and the guy pumping up the crowd told everyone to hold up three fingers making a W when he came out. When he did come out, everyone held up their right hand making a W… report on the event was titled 'Visions of Nuremburg.' It was a scary, scary event.

  2. We should be so lucky.

    Can this country elect people even MORE incompetent and corrupt THAN BUSH?


    Will the opposition stop it? NO.

    As Fox News and the Bush Administration crawled out of the ashes of the McCarthy and Nixon and Reagan eras, all the middle managers from the Bush era are still alive and they're going to emerge from the shadows next time the Democrats screw up or outlive their welcome, and they are perfectly capable of imposing something even stupider on America.

    Most of their choices since Nixon have been comical. Ford, Reagan with Alzheimer's and Nancy running the country with her astrologer, Dan Quayle and Dubya and Sarah Palin. They LIKE stupid.

    Stupid is easier to control.

    And it's like human sacrifice, it keeps people loyal because if they ever admit that it's all stupid they have to deal with their own complicity in the stupidity the whole time.

  3. unfornately the large majority of political cartoonists who love obama(R.J. Matson is a good example) will probobly throw cartoon softballs at him. But conservative cartoonists(like michael ramirez) and far left cartoonists (like yourself) who disagree with obama's positions will make fun of him (as good political cartoonists should with any president)

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