Afghan Love

Afghan wedding parties risk getting blasted to hell by trigger-happy NATO bombers. Surely there’s another way.

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  • Afghan Lurve


    So sweet!! 😀

    Ted, I think you're going soft without a Dick and a Bush to bash.



  • How precious is this:

    "US govt opposes court access for Bagram prisoners"

    All you sanctimonious, holier then thou, deep thinking libs based your vote on "hope & change". And look what it got you. More Clinton cronies, more innocent people killed in Afghanistan, a sinking stock market, cabinet members that don't pay their "fair share".

    And today, Dear Leader is lecturing us about a balanced budget after signing a $1 trillion plus so called stimulus package with money we won't ever have.

    But he's black (half) so you can feel better about your white guilt laden vote.

  • I ask the question again, why the fuck are we there?? Dorme bene…

  • Yes, those Afghans need to watch out.

    Those bullets could bring down our secret spy places miles up in the air or G-d forbid satellites!

    That's dangerous in the desert in the middle of nowhere…

  • Jesus X. Crutch
    February 23, 2009 10:18 PM

    In "Charlie Wison's War" I recall the scenes of Soviet choppers strafing defenseless Afghans as they run for cover, just a turkey shoot. Now, we're doing the same , but with unmanned drones.

  • if the afghans want to make the bombings stop, they should eliminate the US's reason for being over there in the first place. they should simply refuse to pick any more opium, thus grinding heroin production to a halt. without the bush crime family/CIA heroin industry to provide cover for, the US military would have no reason to stay, and the afghans would get their country back. then it would be wedding bells all day every day, with no more threat of exploding brides!

  • i'm not entirely sure,but doesn't our involvement in afghanistan have something to do with the pipeline? or is the reason they give us is that the 9/11 terrorists were from there? although, they were all saudi, right?

  • Yes Devil you nailed right on the head! Millions of Afgan's could simply "walk away" from the one thing that puts food on the table!

    A bold plan. Once all the people die from starvation on one will be left to pick the crops and thus no more drug money!

    While we are at it we should just start arresting all drug users because they are financing the Taliban by buying the drugs. Gitmo is suppose to have some rooms open soon but I don't think it would be big enough.

    Might as well just overthrow Cuba and use the whole island as a prison. Think of all the jobs it would create in the process!

    Lets review:

    1) We can FINALLY leave Afghanistan
    2) Taliban is ruined
    3) Save the Economy
    4) Fidel defeated

    How could it not work!

  • JonD,

    As much as I enjoyed your reasoning I disagree with one thing. The Taliban had in fact ended the opium trade and people still found ways to put food on the table.

    It's a vicious cycle. They sell drugs to fight the American Army. The American Army is there (I guess that's the only reason left to be used) to stop the drug trade.

    For some reason American's love vicious cycle arguments.

    Such as,

    "1) Well we are over there to stop terrorism.
    2) But there is terrorism because we were over there in the first place.
    1) Yeah but now we can't leave because there are terrorists.
    2) They would stop if we left or weren't there in the first place.
    1) You can't argue with terrorists.
    2) No one can argue with you."

  • JohnD,

    I think you mean "take over management in Cuba and continue to use the whole island as a prison"…

  • the US army is there to protect, NOT stop, the drug trade (all you have to do is look at the way heroin production has jumped since we've been there). the whole afghan thing is a CIA war, and they started it in order to make the taliban stop messing with their opium production. that's why obama is escalating the war– he probably made some back-room deal with the CIA in order to become president. he "wins" the election, the afghan operation gets ramped up, and the bush crime family/CIA heroin enterprise continues uninterrupted.

    and JonD ("D" is for "doofus," perhaps..?)– i think it was pretty obvious that i was being facetious when i said the afghans would all refuse to pick any more opium. although obvious doesn't necessarily mean obvious to YOU, apparently.

    nice try with the sarcasm, though. i love the way it actually made you look MORE stupid…

  • Yo "dorme bene," click on the button that says "name/url" and put "dorme bene" in there. That's what it's for. Writing "sleep well" in Latin at the end of all your posts is patronizing.

  • Dude, your boobs need work! This one made me laugh out loud.

  • Patronizing? I don't patronize bunny rabbits. If you think I'm being condescending, you're right. Nothing personal, just an observation of humanity. Now, just to spite you, good night and good luck.

  • I hope the stimulus works.

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