Can I Have Osama’s House?

Obama gets props for foreign policy wins like killing bin Laden. But where is his attention to the homefront, where the economy is melting down and revolution is brewing?

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  1. When you mention that his only accomplishments are assassination and waging war, then perhaps it is a good thing that he is not paying attention to the “revolution on the home front”. I mean he hasn’t fixed any economies anywhere or eased people’s sufferings anywhere on the planet, but he does seem to be modestly effective in using massive amounts of violence to try and solve the problems that pop up in front of him. When you have a president playing the real life version of whack-a-mole, it is probably for the best that he doesn’t notice you or your plight.

  2. Obama knows this, he really be know’in, and knows that he can simply keep ignoring the suffering, because no one will take him to task for it. We forced Clinton out of office for lying about a simple affair he had – but things have drastically changed, and we now allow our leaders to kill, maim and destroy without qualms – and we don’t demand accountability anymore. We have become a pathetic nation of people with their heads in the sand. Millions of monkeys with their hands over their eyes, ears and mouths….

  3. To rikster:

    W.J. Clinton was/is clearly a turd but he was NOT “forced out of office” by “us” or “them.” He simply served his two allowable terms and was ineligible to run for a third.

    Clintion’s impeachment (but not conviction) for “lying about a simple affair he had” was engineered not necessarily to oust him from office but mainly to rouse the radical reich’s voter base for the upcoming 2000 election.

    NOTHING has changed as Clinton’s actual, impeachable offenses were his war on (former) Yugoslavia and maintaing the “economic sanctions” on Iraq imposed by pappy Bush as a continuing part of the campaign to destroy that country.

    Those sanctions, alone, caused some 1 million deaths, half of them children. Our illustrious first woman Secretary of State, Albright, did NOT dispute that number in an interview by main stream media AND even insisted that this brutal massacre “was worth it.” Of course, we now have Hillary Clinton robustly following through on the genocidal attitude of Ms Albright — and the many prior male holder’s of the office of the “coordinator of US international murder.”

  4. Can I Have Osama’s House?

    Yes you can! Dude, it’ld be an honour to have you in Pakistan! I would actually be very happy if you came to Karachi or Lahore, and would gladly put you up for weeks, or even months if you were here.

    Plus if the English speking blogging community met you, they might actually be able to learn from you and grow some balls.

    Keep it up Ted. That house in Abbotabad can be yours if you just ask the right Pakistani. Waziristan Haveli for Ted Ral!!!

    Woot! Woot!

  5. Oh and in your last toon, you showed a drone taking out a World leader who looked visibly African.

    Last I checked, Libya was part of Africa, and a National Transitional Council proxy, could be considered a drone. ;-D Great prognostication Ted; now let’s get those People’s Soviets of DC up & running 😀

  6. Um, he killed Bin Laden, maybe, good for him I guess, should help his re-election campaign, not sure what it actually did for the country or the world, especially since you know they made sure not to let anybody see the body, and all the seals that were involved in the capture conveniently died in a helicopter crash. Nope, nothing to see here.

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